Class Styles

Yin yoga is a slow form of yoga, with longer holds in accessible poses. The focus is connective tissue vs muscles, so in a Yin Yoga practice we look to relax and soften the muscles so we can go deeper. Its less about grasping and holding and more about softening and yielding. Props are used to support the body, and many variations are given so that you can find a version that works best for your skeleton. Poses are held in a supported way for 2-5 minutes, learning to find the edge in your body, but never go past it. A sense of deep stretch and relaxation. "We dont use the body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get in the body" - Bernie Clark


Rise & Shine Yoga this style is a mix of standing and seated postures, with shorter hold times. Moving in and out of the poses in a fluid way using the breath, the aim is to bring energy to your morning while also relaxing and stabilizing your central nervous system. VERY accessible, suitable for all levels, done in a slow and mindful way.

Lunchbreak Yoga is a mix of yin and yang, active and passive, movement and stillness - designed to wake you up and inspire you! Perfect for the afternoon slump


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